The Name Of The Beast

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Somehow many believe it's impossible to get OuterXml/InnerXml out of XPathNavigator, but in fact it's merely one-screen-of-code class. And by the way, in System.Xml v2 XPathDocument2 class does have such properties already.

So I've written a small class, which exposes this omitted functionality. It's lightweight wrapper around XPathNavigator, which adds two more properties - OuterXml and InnerXml along with two more methods - WriteTo(XmlWriter) and WriteContentTo(XmlWriter).
Now the question is how to name such class. All names I came up - WritableXPathNavigator, SerializableXPathNavigator or even XPathNavigatorWriter sound too confusing. I'm asking for community help here, any ideas, please guys.

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It's too loud name for one-screen-of-code class :)
And it's not really XmlDocument, but only OuterXml/InnerXml strings.

Btw, afaik XmlNavigator was the first name of XPathNavigator, probably Dare should know this story better.

How about XmlNavigator? After all it's a navigator but exposes Xml like the XmlDocument ;)

Well, but it's not writer. It's XPathNavigator.
Seems like I'm confusing myself. Anyway, I'm going to name it WritableXPathNavigator.

XPathNavWriter or XPathNodeWriter

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