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Just discovered that WordML to XSL-FO stylesheet does exist already. Well, I was talking about it since May, so no surprise somebody more effective than me just made it done. It's Antenna House guys, developers of the best XSL-FO formatter in the market. Check out this page. Sounds reasonable, they transform elements, say w:p to fo:block, expand styles and extract images to external files (via extension function written in java for Saxon).

But wait a minute, the price is $980! No evaluation version... Gosh...

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just so that you know, the WordML stylesheet to FO comes with Antenna House's latest release of their XSL Formatter product. It's built into their software as a resource (probably encrypted aswell), so you won't be able to edit it. Obviously you'd still have to buy that software for it, but if you have or plan to do so then the above might help. if you need something that you can edit however then i'll tell you when i find one. s'later!

WordML to XSL-FO is a great idea! $980 seems a little steep though. whatta 'bout open office to xsl-fo or wordML to open office (for people moving to Linux)

I wouldn't expect anything XSL-FO related from Microsoft.

Too expensive. You think Microsoft will put together a WordML to XSL-FO stylesheet? Anyone else have one out there thats willing to share (or sell it for less)?

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