My daily WTF: Gmail for mobile stores password in clear text???

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 Gmail client for mobile devices was released by Google a month ago. It's Java ME MIDP2 application, cool looking as one could expect from Google. I went and installed it last week on my Motorola V3X.

Well, I found out that while Gmail for mobile work on hundreds of different mobile devices, it doesn't work on mine. I've got weird error message "Sorry, the Gmail mobile app will not work on your phone. Your phone doesn't have the appropriate certificate to communicate with Gmail. Try accessing Gmail on your mobile browser at". It sucks.

Apparently my phone lacks that Verisign Class 3 public certificate.  Apparently that's known problem and on some phones it can be solved by adding that certificate available from Verisign. Alas, it seems to be impossible to add another root certificate to Motorola V3X phone - I was trying every single way - via Motorola Phone Tools, Bluetooth obex, P2K drivers - nothing helps. Even if I put new certificate into /a/mobile/certs/root/x509/kjava/ folder the phone still won't recognize it. Motodev support didn't help - "Can I help you? What is Gmail for mobile? Give me URL. It clearly says Download Gmail for the Motorola V3 RAZR (US/Canada). You are from Israel. Issue closed." Well, I still hope someone would solve this problem for Motorola phones too.

Anyway, while digging around my phone filesystem I found a folder where J2ME applications are installed (/a/mobile/kjava/installed/) and there I found Gmail jar, image png file and other working files including RMS file. RMS stands for MIDP Record Management System (RMS) - a persistent storage for J2ME MIDlets. Seeing string "Login store" inside it I couldn't resist to scan it. What I found though was my Gmail username and password in clear text!

0000000FF0:  FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF │ FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF                  
0000001000:  00 10 6F 6C 65 67 74 6B │ 40 67 6D 61 69 6C 2E 63   ►olegtk@gmail.c
0000001010:  6F 6D 00 0A 6D 79 70 61 │ 73 73 77 6F 72 64 FF FF  om ◙mypassword  
0000001020:  FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF │ FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF                  


Well, I can't affirm that Gmail for mobile application indeed stores user password in clear text, because I never got it fully working on my phone. Chances are they encrypt it after first successful login.

I need somebody to confirm this. If you've got Gmail for mobile application installed on your mobile, please take a look how your password is stored. I have no idea which mobile devices allow direct access to the file system, but at least it's very easy for Motorola phones. Just install P2K drivers and P2K Phone File Manager, run it and open /a/mobile/kjava/installed/ folder. Find Gmail's RMS file and inspect it.

PS. I did contact Google about this issue, but never got any response.

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