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This Lebanon war had a terrible impact on my personal productivity. Too much TV, too much internet, too much pain, too little work. Hope it ends soon. Anyway I decided I need some short victorious war, oops I mean small interesting project to get me back on track. I've seen AdSense Notifier plugin for Firefox another day and I thought - cool, but I don't run Firefox 100% time, I want it on Windows taskbar, not a browser statusbar. So I had a spike project and got it working in just one night. Then I spent another two weeks polishing it. Ahhhhh, a joy of good old pure win32, MFC-free, just Windows and you and nothing in between. Unmanaged C++, LPTSTR, HWND, messages, win32 multithreading - sweet, I'm in The Old New Thing world again. The result is AdSense Watch Toolbar.

AdSense Watch is a Windows Explorer toolbar (a desk band technically speaking), usually docked to the Windows taskbar. AdSense Watch displays your current "Google AdSense for content" report - Page impressions, Clicks, Page CTR, Page eCPM and Earnings. The data is updated automatically or on demand. More info on AdSense Watch Toolbar usage can be found at the XML Lab site.

Latest AdSense Watch installation is available at the XML Lab Downloads page. The latest version is currently 1.0b and as any other beta software AdSense Watch is currently free (but not open-source). AdSense Watch is written in C++ in Visual Studio 2005. AdSense Watch was tested on Windows 2000, Windows XP Pro and Windows Server 2003.

Any suggestions, bug reports and comments are welcome at the AdSense Watch Toolbar forum.

Sorry in advance to Allen G Holman that AdSense Watch looks similar to his great AdSense Notifier. Basic things usually similar in any environment...

I wasn't aware of Google AdSense API (and I'm still unaware of what it provides) and so implemented AdSense login basically using screenscraping technique. I tried to make login code as robust as possible and I think I succeeded in that, at least AdSense Watch survived latest changes in Google AdSense login procedure AdSense Notifier stumbled upon. As for report data - AdSense Watch is using CSV data for reliability.

Btw, AdSense Watch Toolbar is Windows Explorer Desk Band, but from implementation perspective it's not much different from Internet Explorer toolbar, so with minimal changes (mostly WRT registering) I actually can make AdSense Watch IE toolbar version.

I want to investigate Google AdSense API possibilities and add more features in the next version if there will be any interest in this tool.

Anyway, download AdSense Watch Toolbar for free and enjoy. Any comments are welcome!

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Pretty cool Oleg, looks nice. Wish I made enough with adsense to warrant actually using it :)

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