Poor little Lebanon

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I've been reading some Lebanese blogs trying to understand what people from the other side of the bleeding border think. And I realized how weird country Lebanon is. Where in the world a government would strongly refuse to control a half of its own country? It's like the whole world is asking the Lebanese government - come on, you guys are the Lebanon government, please, please, take control over south Lebanon, that's your land. No, no, no, never ever said the freaking government - there is a bunch of bad guys over there, terrorists you know they can bite so we better don't. Oooooookay. Now they badly surprised it hurts to host bad guys, hmmm.

Yes, I found out that almost every single Lebanese blog I spotted says something like "That f#cking Hezbollah terrorists! That's all their fault! Hezbollah != Lebanon, we have nothing to do with this war, we are just suffering here". That even made sense for a moment, but then - who are those bad Hezbollah guys? As it turned out they are not martians not even iranians, but ordinar lebanese people, moreover Hezbollah (being widely recognized as a terrorists group) is representing the largest Lebanon's religious group, it's a recognized political party holding 23 seats in the 128-member Lebanese Parliament and participating in Lebanese government. So, again - "Hezbollah != Lebanon"? Oh come on, that's ridiculous. Hezbollah == Lebanon, face it.

I think in fact there is no one single country of Lebanon. I have no idea how such different groups can live in the same state. Those normal lebanese people whose blogs I read - you should do something about this, guys. Otherwise don't be surprised to be paying painfully for what your evil brothers do.

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Sorry molarul, no crap is allowed at my personal blog.
And btw, my name misled you - I'm actually Jewish living in Israel.

PS. Cool site you blog is.

Is this your communist past that asks you to censor everything?
I would really love to see the Western civilized world stop caring about the Asian small conflicts. The Middle Eastern countries deserve, at best, scientific expeditions, to study both camps as we (as in "we the westerners") today study the indigenous of New Zealand.
And you would use to focus on programming and your nation's issues, like Kaliningrad, Crimea etc... stop playing the Jew.

[edited out: crappy racist bullshit]

"Why Israel government makes Israel children to sign bombs for Lebanon children? It is.. perversion."

No, it's not a perversion, it's a bullshit.
I assume you mean this photo:

The girl clearly writes one shell "To Nazrala with love from Israel". And this fucker definitely deserves a lot of these, don't we all agree on that?

And if you think that Israel government can make children to sign bombs for Lebanon children you are sick man.

"i am also concerned that israel is taking it a bit too far here"

Well, right, it's might be a bit too far. Innocent people are dying and it's terrible.
But your should understand what means a situation of hundreds of rockets falling and Israeli civilians (including children) dying in Haifa for Israel. That's an open war. And war is all about collective punishment you know. Lebanese can't just stand aside when you are at war.

Anyway, what do you think could a solution?

It's my understanding that somebody has to save Lebanon from Hezbollah, Syria and Iran. Lebanon is too weak. What if after Israel weakens Hezbollah and pulls out some international forces (but Forces, not stupid observers like UNIFIL) like NATO could control Lebanese borders untill Lebanon is strong enough to control its land?

we the us need to bomb syria airport, then permanently take care of iran, once and for all.There sick mind of raiseing theie children to hate civilized societys is discusting. This matter needs to be addressed or elese they will continue to crank ouy terrorist ROBOTS.

Why Israel government makes Israel children to sign bombs for Lebanon children? It is.. perversion.
[edited out: a link to a crappy site]

Do you know russian?
[edited out: a link to another crappy site]
Is is written by your.. compatriot.


yes, now i think we're getting to the point. hezbollah can't be allowed to kidnap, kill, etc. they must change or go away permanently. they want change, they must do it through peaceful (preferably democratic) means. violence is not the solution. the weak government of lebanon needs help. and not the kind of 'help' syria was providing for the last several years, either.

i am also concerned that israel is taking it a bit too far here. clearly the plans for the hezbollah removal have been on the self since 2000 - by neccssity i would say. but i'm not convinced now is the time to do this. and i'm not convinced that israel's response is in proper proportion. it's looking like collective punishment to me again, and that's a bad situation.

unfortunately, the u.s. is just sitting on it's hands right now. nothing much will come of all this as along as europe and the west are unwilling to face the situation square on.

to another point here that we can agree on. the u.s. is learning the lesson that high-tech and big guns rarely succeed against those willing to blow themselves up. things are pretty bad right now with no easy options available.

Hi mamund!

Yeah, now I understand how helpless Lebanese are aginst Hizbollah. It's like cancer to your country. And it really hurts seeing innocent people suffering on both sides, especially Lebanese people, cause Israelis at least feel strong - we've been attacked and now we are demolishing our enemy. But lots of Lebanese feel like they are punished for nothing and it's really crazy to be in such situation.

But somebody has to get Hisbollah down anyway and if not Lebanon so be it Israel.

Hi Tulipe!

Don't overestimate Israel military and intelligence power. Multimillion F-16 jet can't prevent a bearded guy from launching 6 feet long rocket from his backyard.

There is no quick and clean military solution to thousands short range missiles deployed all over south Lebanon. They are hiding them in their homes and then take out and launch from their backyard - how on earth do you think it can be prevented? The only solution not involving ground operation is to isolate area (so here go roads/ports/airports), get civilians out and then hit every place a missile was launched from and every place or truck that look suspicious.
Go advise any smarter strategy than this one.


you're right israel left southern lebanon siz years ago. they occupied the same zone for 18 years. never were able to oust hezzbollah from the region oin those 18 years. yet, you seem to expect labanon to have done so in the last six - not a reasonable expection, imho.

don't get me wrong, hezbollah is getting sophisticaed weapons and 100 million usd per year from iran, lobbing hundreds of katusha's into israel and is killing and kidnapping soldiers. this is all wrong, all needless and all against any standards of decency.

i hope you do not assume that by expressing sympathy for lebanese citizens that it means i have none for israelis.

Hi Oleg,
I have to say, I agree with the many ideas you are refering to in regards to Lebanese inaction. I am Lebanese myself and I strongly think everything that has happened (without excusing any of the sides' actions of course) is mainly the result of the Lebanese gvt not taking its country under control while given the chance to do so (our president in the first place, whom I would love to see blow in one of these Israeli explosions...)
On the other hand,Israel and the Hizb. took advantage of the Lebanese silence. Israel's reaction was a bit disproportionate don't you think so? having one of the biggest and strongest army and secret services in the world, they could have found all those rockets and arms very quickly in tiny Lebanon, instead they're bombing the airport??? And the Hizb. with their Iranian and Syrian friends have nothing to loose, although Lebanese themselves the country is not very dear to them I guess. A country of cohabitation between shias, sunnis, druzes and christians represents for them and excellent ground to create chaos and civil conflict...I cross my fingers, my country is not going to disappear for the cause of others to exist.
At this moment, we can not expect any ceasefire, but I just hope this is for the better in the long run, the better for all the innocents and children who will be raised in a part of the world growing of hatred and terror.

2 Nora:

"I feel bad for lebanon"

And what do you feel for Israel?

"I dont get why israel's getting all mad when it refuses to release the lebanses prisoners!??"

Then you have no idea what's going on. Have you heard about Samir Kuntar? This is the guy Lebanon wants Israel to release. He infiltrated into Israel from Lebanon and killed 4 civilians including 2 year old baby. He literally smashed her skull against a rock with his rifle butt. He did it back in 1979. To bad Israel has no death penalty.

You mean Israel should release this murderer?

The rest you post is usual blah blah blah.

"Too many lebanses have died already and only few israeli's..."

Which seems to be bothering you? Why only few, right?
You should be happy today - Lebanese killed 9 civilians in Haifa.

2 mamund:

"as israel has occupied southern lebanon until recently"

Untill recently you mean year 2000 - 6 years ago??? I wouldn't call 6 years "recently". During these 6 years Lebanon even didn't send its army to the south. You even didn't try.

"i, too, am against hezbollah, but i'm not ready to place the blame for thier existence on the bulk of the citizens of lebanon."

That's the problem with Lebanese I was talking about - you are not ready to take a responsibility for your own country. Hezbollah has headquarters in Beirut, your capital, has seats in parliament and government. Have you ever tried to deal with it? I've never heard of any protest against Hezbollah in Lebanon. You have an army, why it doesn't fight Hezbollah at least now?

I feel bad for lebanon. Israel should give back lebanese prisoners and thus lebanon should return the 2 captured. Whats all this though? I dont get why israel's getting all mad when it refuses to release the lebanses prisoners!?? LIKE HELLO?? There being hippacrits. Hizbollah had a reason to kidnap those israeli's not saying its right or anything cuz its not right but they werent gona stand around and be like yes go ahead kidnapp our people.. we will just stand and watch helplessly. And besides america is backing up israel. George fucking bush is an idiot he invaded iraq and for what?? 'They have weapons of mass destruction' is that why he found any? UGHH hes just after the oil and the middle east in general. If u cant c this ur blind. And i don't get why americans wont leave iraqi soil yet. Bush heated a war for nothing. He killed millions and for nothing. HES a terrorist man. People face the facts. The media lies.

War is bad. Lebanon is poor and defensless. Israel does whatever america wants. This is sad. The "war" to be should really stop. Too many lebanses have died already and only few israeli's but no one should have to die anywways.

Allah be with you

lebanon has vener recovered from it's cival war decades ago. as israel has occupied southern lebanon until recently, lebanon was neer able to establish any control there - that's were hezbollah rules now.

and syria has backed much of the hezbollah activities, too - including meddling in northern lebanon's gov't affairs (remember the assasinations last year?).

there are *tens of thousands* of lebanese that detest syrian involvement and deplore hexbollah activities. in this latest round of fighting, some of them will be killed, many hurt.

i, too, am against hezbollah, but i'm not ready to place the blame for thier existence on the bulk of the citizens of lebanon.

peaceinlebanon, so what do you think can be done for the name of peace in Lebanon?

2 BZ:
"For me Israil is world evil"
Believe me you are not alone. Billions believe that muslims, USA or Israel is world evil. We humans love to hate.

And I don't watch TV anyway, I watch my window. I'm Israeli.


Олег, where is my last comment? :))

It's your opinion. For me Israil is world evil.

About americans..
I saw "F911". It's about fuckin evil terrorist George W. Bush.
Are all americans fucking evil terrorists now?

You are very good as xml mvp, but..

ps. Dont watch fucking TV so much. Wake up your brain.

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