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Hmmm, community-driven MSDN documentation... tempting.
Microsoft has launched the MSDN Wiki Beta - sort of a wrapper around MSDN documentation site, which adds "Community Content section" to the bottom of each MSDN page. Anybody can contribute any content to that section. Here is my test contribution to the "XslCompiledTransform Class" page. Basically such community-driven documentation could be awesome. MSDN documentation is huge and usually the subject you desperately need happens to be covered scarcely or even in a cryptic way. Microsoft admits they are just unable to cover all topics. Sadly but fact. So at least they can provide a centralized way for the community to contribute. One big question though is community content quality - somebody have to moderte all that stuff otherwise it's gonna be filled with spam and lame questions in just a week.

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This is a pretty incredible step forward for Microsoft, one that I suspect will do wonders for helping keep their documentation far more up to date. It's also a measure of the degree to which they're loosening up the lines of authority in the company - having written MS documentation in the past, I remember all too painfully the complex three or four level deep approval process that I needed to go through for even the simplest entries.

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