How to give away 3 Visual Studio Team Suite/MSDN Premium Subscriptions: looking for ideas

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As many other Microsoft MVPs I've been given 3 "Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite with MSDN Premium Subscriptions" redemption cards to share. So now I'm having hard time looking for smart ideas how to do so. One card I would give to Kevin Downs, the guy who runs NDoc if he still has no MSDN subscription, but for the rest two I probably would go the way my fellow MVPs went and arrange some sort of contest. XML contest, of course, hmmm. Ummm, any ideas, anyone?

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It’s been three days since I announced my Visual Studio Team Suite / MSDN Premium giveaway. Since then, I’ve noticed that several other MVPs are planning similar giveaways. Come back often (or subscribe); I’ll alert you to any additio... Read More


I'm a developer from Brazil working with C# and SQL Server 2005 and I have absolutely NO way to buy this subscription (US$ 10000 is a lot of money anywhere). If you wish to give this subscription to someone who needs, I'm this guy.


I'm currently working on a project to extend and enhance the Windows Desktop - it's built using HTML, CSS but also a lot of ActiveX, VBScript and I also wrote a few small tools as plugins - C# really got me started, it's interesting to use and I'd most certainly appreciate the whole studio / team thing, but then again - I'm a student, I don't have a development team and as such the whole team thing would go to waste...

That said, I'd appreciate the MSDN Subscription itself to get hands on the official XP Tablet PC Edition disks and other goodies only available on MSDN - so that I can extend my knowledge into those areas.

Ok, one went to NDoc guys. Still thinking about the rest two, thanks for suggestions!

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    <Ineed:It>I Should get it.</Ineed:It>

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<Ineed:VSTS xmlns:Ineed="urn:schemas-parikhweb-com">
<Ineed:It>I Should get it.</Ineed:It>

Give it to a team of developers who are REALLY need this team suite.

You gotta be kidding me. What would a kid, smart or not, do with a MSDN premium subscription? That's like giving a toddler a million dollars for a day. All they'd do with it is get it wet with drool. Definitely this sort of boon should go to someone with an actual need for it. How about running a mini version of "American Inventor," where people submit ideas for programs (that utilize XML in some fashion), the best one(s) get the prize. You can then keep in contact to see how the project is going, etc... That'll give you some traffic. Oh, and give one set to the guy who replied to your post first.

i'd suggest to give them to some organisation wich supports intellectually gifted youths - "grown ups" have enough money to buy their own MSDN, teenagers do not. And MSDNAA is for universities only...

I would be very glad to win one, but, since I am not much proficient in XML technology, I guess I have no change in the XML contest

I think Torsten Rendelmann, currently in charge of RSS Bandit development, deserves one. What do you think about?

Luciano Evaristo Guerche
Taboao da Serra, SP, Brazil

No, I hate "first asked gets it" system. That's unfair, everybody gotta be given equal chance to win. And honestly speaking although I can't sell these subscriptions, I still wanna use them for something like additional traffic :)

Give it to the guy who responds first to your post. Simple.

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