Trying out natural keyboard

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I've never tried working with natural keyboards. Somehow I thought they are kinda unnatural :) Now I want to give it a try, may be this new Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000:

Seems like people love it. It's great to see the latest Microsoft keyboard with standard 2x3 home/end key location set. Damn F Lock button is turned on on reboot, but happily little registry hack by Jason Tsang can fix it.

The only thing I dislike about model 4000 is that nasty cord. It's not wireless! And I hate cords on my desk. Anybody knows if Microsoft plans to release wireless version?

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Thanks for mentioning my website. I just recently updated it with information on how to get around the F Lock key when you use the keyboard via the USB port.

It is available at (the old link still works, it just gets re-directed to the new link).

As for whether they will make a wireless version of this, we'll likely have to wait until Sept 2006 to see new keyboards from Microsoft. I wouldn't count on it, but that's my best guess (they would have likely made one already if they were going to do it). Much more likelier that if a wireless version does come out, it'll be an improved model of this.

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