ASP.NET 2.0's asp:xml control uses obsolete .NET XSLT processor

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I'm disappointed in ASP.NET once again. I was building some ASP.NET 2.0 application with XSLT processing involved, run into XSLT bugs and oh horror realized the ASP.NET 2.0's asp:xml server control still uses old slow as hell buggy obsoleted deprecated XslTransform class! That more than sucks. That's no use. I just stop using asp:xml control and won't recommend to anybody using it. I just can't understand how come one Microsoft group spends years to build a better tool and then another Microsoft group, which uses the tool, just ignores it and keeps using old obsolete one. Something is wrong here.

Actually ASP.NET's asp:xml server control has a long story of suckiness on XSLT. In .NET 1.X this control, whose main goal is to perform XSLT transformations server-side didn't support XPathDocument, which is recommended (by Microsoft itself) XML data store for XSLT. In .NET 2.0 thanks this issue is rectified, but now it doesn't support new Microsoft .NET XSLT processor!

Anyway, what about a better ASP.NET XML server control? The one that's fast and conformant by using new XslCompiledTransform, supports XInclude and EXSLT.NET? I believe we at the Mvp.Xml project can do it easily, would you use it then?

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It sucks indeed. Use eXml control, Aravind.

It sucks bigtime....I try passing in the argument list to the XSLT and it never gets processed...


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