"Migrating to XslCompiledTransform" article

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Microsoft XML Team has published an article "Migrating to XslCompiledTransform" by my pals Sergey Dubinets and Anton Lapunov. It explains how to migrate to the new XSLT 1.0 processor in .NET 2.0 - XslCompiledTransform class. XslCompiledTransform is a revolutionary XSLT processor - it's gonna be the first truly compiled mainstream XSLT processor. It's fast and conformant just as MSXML4.

The article covers: how XslCompiledTransform works, differences in API, in behaviour, new functionality, faq, howto.

The article is meant to be updated on a regular basis. Once a new migration issue is discovered the article will be updated with a solution. So bookmark it. And the article is not complete yet, some parts are still to be done. Keep up your great work, guys.

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