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Being excited about XLinq I couldn't stop myself from grabbing XLinq.NET domain name. I'm going to try to build a community portal for the XLinq technology. The goal is basically to push XLinq by growing a community around it. There is definitely a need for Microsoft-independent easily accessible place where developers can find XLinq resources or share their experience.
Well, that's my vision at the moment. There is not much content at the site currently, just basic info and links. If you've got any ideas/suggestions about what would like to find at XLinq.Net, please drop me a line.

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Thanks, guys!
And Mark, we should definitely coordinate both projects!

Hey Oleg,

Please see http://www.xsltblog.com/archives/2005/09/early_availabil.html

Hopefully if we coordinate with each other as needed we can ensure that the community as a whole can benefit from both projects, avoding creating two versions of the same sort of site. It seems our focus for each project is quite different so things should compliment each quite well.

Let me know if there is anythying I can do to help your project!

Cheers :)


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