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This is a repetitive pattern: once in a 6 months I get tired of comment and trackback spam and go upgrade my blog engine or install some antispam plugins.This time is not different. I've been massively attacked by spam trackbacks so I had to upgrade to MovableType 3.2. Not without a troubles though. Somehow it just didn't work after upgrade, but happily I found a solution at the MT support forum. Now all comments/trackbacks I get are subject to junk filtering and manual approvement.

I chose this strategy: each comment/trackback goes into unapproved queue and never makes it into a live page (except for authenticated comments). I get mail notifications for each comment/trackback and if I see not a spam one I approve it in just one click, spam ones I don't touch. Once in a week or so I go to blog admin and junk/delete all unapproved stuff again in a couple of clicks. Not that I love it, but still I can live with it.

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