RE: ASP.NET 2.0 XmlDataSource's XPath doesn't support namespaces

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Scott Hanselman:

I'm working (again) on the XML Chapter to our upcoming book. The book is all about ASP.NET 2.0, but XML is such an important part of ASP.NET that this chapter gets bigger and bigger. I've been updating it from the original Beta 1 version this last few months and noticed that the namespace qualification for the XmlDataSource is still broken/incomplete as it was last year in September. I talked to a bunch of people at TechEd including a number of very helpful devs and PMs who were very much interested in resolving this issue. However, unfortunately it looks like this'll be one of those features that won't make it into the final, which means one of us will have to write our own.
That's a bummer. I feel a smell of degradation here. When a brand new XML-specific ASP.NET control doesn't support XML namespaces, uses obsoleted XslTransform class and they can't get it fixed during a year - that's really lame. I'm really sorry seeing such stuff coming from Microsoft. Definitely we need to provide a fixed version.

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