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kzu says he has broken the mark of 100 bugs filed to the MSDN Feedback Center. That's impressive. My numbers are humble - only 15 bugs and suggestions. Gotta be more active here. I spent a day working on an adapter to my homegrown XSLT test suite for the XslCompiledTransform class and the very first run brought a bunch of issues. Now I have to analyze the log and file bugs. I'm happy I found already a quite significant one - XslCompiledTransform thinks NaN equals to NaN. To put it another way - "number('foo')=number('bar')" evaluates to true! That's really bad, because that property of NaN (non equality to anything) is the base for a quite widespread technique in XSLT 1.0 on determining whether a value is a number - "number($val) = number($val)" is true if and only if $val is a number.

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I tend to use number(.) = .

mainly because I don't want leading, trailing whitespace in my number.

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