What's new in System.Xml 2.0: XPathNavigator is now IXPathNavigable

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Another improvement System.Xml 2.0 brings, from the how-come-I-didn't-make-it--before department is that XPathNavigator class now implements IXPathNavigable. Sounds obvious, huh? In both common and OOP sense of course XPathNavigator should be IXPathNavigable, but somehow in .NET 1.0 and 1.1 it is not. (And by the way I still wonder how come XmlNodeReader doesn't implement IHasXmlNode interface. Too bad I made this suggestion too late and now we must wait another year or two for this). Anyway, these 2 lines of code:

public virtual XPathNavigator CreateNavigator()
      return this.Clone();
made a magic to the XslCompiledTransform API. 4 redundant Transform() overloads down! Now input to XSLT is either string (URL), XmlReader or IXPathNavigable.

And if you aren't familiar with IXPathNavigable - don't bother. Just remember that you can pass XmlDocument, XPathDocument, XmlDataDocument or XPathNavigator objects as is to the Transform() method as all these classes implement IXPathNavigable. API simplicity is invaluable and I'm glad version 2.0 of the System.Xml looks simpler than previous ones.

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