Microsoft fingerpring reader - Windows XP only?

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After reading this, I bought this:

just to realize the damn fingerprint reader only works with Windows XP and I've got XP only on my laptop. Oh, shit. Can you believe it? Microsoft fingerprint reader doesn't work with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or Windows 2000. :(

Oh well, still it's an excellent keyboard. I've got also Wireless Desktop Elite keyboard:

and while it looks and feels awesome, I just can't work with it productively. Absence of leds in combination with f#cking F Flock button just kills me, I do use F buttons all the way. Weird buttons configuration - F buttons go in triples, not quadruples, unusual middle sectoin with no home/end buttons - it can be quite disorienting and get you looking at keyboard more than it's needed.

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I have a fairly long post about keyboards for developers here:

In general, any keyboard with a "mangled" ins/del/pgup/pgdn cluster isn't suitable. The other problem areas are non-inverted-T arrow key clusters.

Jim, that's not my computer but paid shared web hosting. I have no control over it. I'm aware of that error, thanks.

LOL, after posting my last comment, I realise how little you know about security. It all makes sense now why you're putting your faith in biometrics.

Dude, Biometrics is for govenments to control their population, not for you to secure your computer.


You really don't want to be putting your web root on the same drive or patition as your operating system. that's asking for trouble.

You're trying to0 use a Microsoft product to secure your compuer? *snigger* And your prresumably valuable data is on a Microsoft OS? *snigger* And if you wern't in cloud cookoo land already, you actually expect it to work properly!!!

Man, I'll have some of whatever you're taking!

I've got one of these and I love it. I could never go back to a regular old keyboard. The combination of gestures and a mouse all in the same place is beautiful.

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