XQuery as Perl for XML

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New bunch of XSL/XQuery working drafts has been published, some in Last Call. Now it's 12 documents, including a new interesting one. Changes are mostly minor though so if they wouldn't get another zillion of comments (do many realize than by posting a comment, even about a small typo to W3C they effectively defer the spec?), we probably will see the very first Candidate Recommendation in a couple of months. I bet it will be XSLT 2.0.

It's always fun to read official W3C announces - the people writing them have good sense of humor. The previous time they have called XQuery "an XML-aware programming language" and Mike Champion (one of Microsoft representatives in W3C) said he wants to clear it up if that's not a mistake. He took care indeed. Now W3C calls XQuery a Perl-like language, great:

XQuery 1.0: An XML Query Language:
A non-XML, Perl-like syntax for querying collections of structured and semi-structured data both locally and over the Web - Last Call
Does it mean XQuery is positioned now as Perl for data (no XML is mentioned actually)? A write-only language for quick and dirty solutions? Ok, ok, I love Perl, this blog is run by Perl. But you get my point.

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