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Well, I must admit it wasn't a smooth upgrade neither. Finally I had to remove all posts, migrate to MT 3.15 and MySQL as a backend and then to reimport all posts in a way they all get the same entry_id (to keep backwards compatibility with the archives).

At least now I'm happy. I've got all my data in MySQL finally instead of file based Berkley DB, so now the blog posting/administration/rebuilding just flies, not crawls. No more timeouts on posting or removing comments or rebuilding archives.

And of course I've got now comment moderation and TypeKey based user registration. Now you can sign into TypeKey to post a comment - a recommended way. Alternatively you still can post a comment in an old way - with no sign in, but then such comment is a subject to a manual moderation - I need to approve it before it appears on a page.

Because I still allow unregistered comments I still get some comment spam, but at least now it doesn't make it into a page directly (so no page rebuilding on each input comment spam - what a relief for my hosting). So far so good. There are some more spam-fighting facilities I would set up if things go worse, at least MT-Blacklist is to be installed soon.

There are still some issues, e.g. when signing into TypeKey in Internet Explorer, the page doesn't reflect it and the message "Thanks for signing in... Now you can comment. (sign out)" doesn't appear untill page is reloaded. Oh, and when posting unregistered comment, some bad error message shows up:

(in cleanup) DBD::mysql::db disconnect failed: handle 2 is owned 
by thread 155f384 not current thread 22ef018 (handles can't be shared 
between threads and your driver may need a CLONE method added) 
at c:\hosting\webhost4life\member\olegt\cgi-bin\lib/MT/ObjectDriver/DBI.pm line 327.
Wow, sounds bad, gotta report it to the MovableType forum.

Anyway, now I'm back to the blogsphere. Hello there!

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Nope, found nothing. I basically just waiting for the next MT release hoping it will disappear...
Tell me please if you get any solution.

Hey, have you found out anything about that error message? I'm getting the same thing on my test blog after updating to MT3.15 too...

I've been Googling for a while now and haven't found anything that has been helpful.


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