XInclude goes W3C Recommendation!

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Hey, what a surprise from the W3C! XInclude 1.0 has been published as W3C Recommendation today. That was fast! Less than 3 months in Proposed Rec status - and here it is, XInclude 1.0 - another standard XML Core technology.

I was about to release XInclude.NET version conforming to the September's XInclude spec tomorrow. So it's just in time. As far as I can see no significant changes were instroduced, so couple days for aligning, fixing documentation - and then expect new release of the Mvp.Xml library (including Common, XInclude.NET and XPointer.NET modules) and then nxslt.exe update.

For those unfamiliar with XInclude, take a look at my MSDN article "Combining XML Documents with XInclude".

Btw, AFAIR Microsoft cut XInclude implementation too because of the same "not Rec yet" issue. Now that XInclude is Recommendation, small, simple (read not contaminated by the XML Schema) nice useful core technology and there is still plenty of time till .NET 2.0 is out, I hope the XML Team will consider implementing it. I'd like to see support for XInclude in .NET 2.0, do you?

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