MSN is about to strike back

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They say Microsoft is about to unveil MSN Spaces blogging service, may be even this week:

Microsoft's MSN division is expected to take the wraps off its MSN Spaces blogging service this week, according to sources close to the company.
MSN is expected to tout MSN Spaces as a direct competitor to blog-creation and hosting tools, such as Blogger, Blog*Spot, LiveJournal and TypePad. Microsoft also will position MSN Spaces as a way to allow users to more easily share photo albums and music lists, too, insiders said.
Hey, and how would you like to post to your blog using MSN Messenger? I think it would be great, a really winnning idea. Much better than having a separate application, even such cool as my favorite w.bloggar. I doubt though I'll be able to use MSN Messenger to post to my MovableType-powered blog.

Sounds like all other MSN services like Hotmail and MyMSN are going to support RSS and blogging as well. At least that's how I get Dare's hints. I believe there will be no support for Atom as Microsoft traditionally uses RSS for its feeds.

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