XInclude goes Proposed Rec

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W3C published XInclude 1.0 Proposed Recommendation. Now it's only one step left for XInclude to become W3C Recommendation.

That's what I call "just in time"! I just finished integrating XInclude.NET into the Mvp-Xml codebase, cleaning up the code and optimizing it using great goodies of Mvp-Xml such as XPathCache, XPathNavigatorReader etc and planned to align the code with recent XInclude CR - and here goes another spec refresh. As far as I can see, there is no new stuff or syntax changes, just editorials (such as mentioning XML 1.1 along with XML 1.0) and clarifications based on previous feedback. Comments are due to 29 October 2004. I expect to release renowned XInclude.NET next week.

PS. For those unfamiliar with XInclude - "Combining XML Documents with XInclude" MSDN article waits for you.

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Ok, that's great. I'm looking forward to the release.



Yeah, that's known bug in XInclude.NET 1.2. It's fixed in Mvp.Xml module.
It's a matter of days before we release XIncliude.NET module of the Mvp.Xml. One bug left to fix!


I was trying to implement the "GotDotNet.XInclude" version of the XInclude.NET library. It works fine when I use a xml file as input, but when I use a string it keeps throwing a "System.UriFormatException". Is my code not correct?:

string xmlData = "<report><inventory><xi:include href=\"test.xml\" xmlns:xi=\"\" /></inventory></report>";

StringReader s = new StringReader(xmlData);

XmlTextReader r = new XmlTextReader(s);

XIncludingReader xir = new XIncludingReader(r);

I also tryed using a memorystream but with the same error.

My next thought was finding an update for the GotDotNet version however, I could not find any downloads concerning the XInclude.Net module at the Mvp-Xml site. Can you help me?



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