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Kurt Cagle is blogging. Unfortunately it's Atom only blog (via Google's Blogger) and my RSS Bandit (SP1 RC1) doesn't seem to understand it. Grrrrrr, how does thay say it - "Don't be evil" and "Google's mission: Organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful."? Rubbish! When it comes to blogging, Google Is Evil.

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Ok, I upgraded to the latest version of the RSS Bandit and now it's just fine.

Atom itself is fine and cool, but what I'd expect from a company claiming to care about universal accessibility of information is to support not only brand new super-duper still-in-works format (which most likely will force users to look for upgrading their readers), but also widely supported and community-standard for years formats.

I've done everything from trying to run a PHP script on my own home server (less than successfully) and running Yahoo groups (even more evil, if you want to know the truth) in attempting to get a blog out. Blogger is not perfect, but for what I need it for, it works adequately, it requires no real maintenance on my part, and frankly, I can think of worse places to make my voice heard.

Concerning Atom - I've written repeatedly on RSS, and the headaches involved. Atom is the first real attempt I've seen to put together a decent syndication feed language, and I was thrilled to see that Google supports it over RSSx.x, which to me as simply a morass of political wrangling and little more.

It is possible (and likely, since I'm still trying to get the hang of it) that when you tried to connect earlier, I had mis-set the syndication information, as I've been twiddling with it. I THINK its working correctly now, so please try again (especially as I've added a new post).

-- Kurt Cagle

Actually its not just "Don't be evil", it's "Don't be evil, unless of course our agenda gets in the way; then we'll redefine what evil means." :)

I'm using the final release of RssBandit and it works with Kurt's Atom feed just fine.

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