SchemaCOP is coming?

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Gudge writes:

On my team we have a bunch of guidelines for writing XML Schema documents. For a while we've been checking schema against the guidelines. Unfortunately the implementation of the checker was in wetware, rather than software. Recently, I found an hour or two to put together a software implementation of a SchemaCOP which, given a schema will dump out a report telling you where you've stepped outside the guidelines.
That would be very useful tool, really. I'm looking forward to see it.

And this is even more cool:

One of the satisfying pieces of writing the code was that I was able to do it all in XSLT. I love this language, it makes hard things easy ( and easy things hard :-) )
I tend to agree with the last assertion. I think knowing XSLT well means first of all having a gut feeling of these easy2hard spots and avoiding them at the design stage. As in any other language after all.

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