An Introduction to the XQuery (and XPath 2.0) Type System by Michael Rys

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Michael Rys (PM for the SQL Server Engine support of XQuery) is trying to bring some order into the confusion around XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 type system. His first instalment in the series introduces the terminology and general concepts. Read it here. More to come, worth to stay tuned.

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The XQuery type system is the most interesting aspect of this language. Michael Rys, the Project Manager of the XQuery Engine in MSSQLServer has a short introduction into the topic. This will be the first article in a series of articles about XQuery. [ Read More


I bought the former one by Michael Brundage, but didn't read yet. Worth reading I'm sure.
I prefer to start from specs and you know that takes quite a time to read all XQuery et al.

Have you read XQuery : The XML Query Language ( or XQuery from the Experts: A Guide to the W3C XML Query Language (XQuery from the Experts: A Guide to the W3C XML Query Language)?
Which one would you suggest me to read if you have?

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