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Finally XPathReader has been unveiled at the MSDN XML DC in "Extreme XML: Combining XPath with the XmlReader" article by Dare Obasanjo and Howard Hao. Really, really interesting solution, alredy used in Biztalk internals to optimize XML pipeline processing. Need to play with it more.

I like XPathReader. It reminds me ForwardXPathNavigator and XSE. There is a real niche for streaming XPath querying - whenever one needs to query some value out of XML document without either writing potentially complex (hello state machine) XmlReader-based code or wasting resources loading the whole XML into memory. Streaming XPathReader is a perfect solution here. And limiting XPath here I believe is quite reasonable tradeoff. I hope some day XPathReader will make it to the System.Xml.
What I wonder to know though is what's behind the decision to augment XPathReader (which is XmlReader) by Match() an friends methods, which are traditionally associated with XPathNavigator? Why not implement standard XPathNavigator over XPathReader?

Additionally Dare created a GotDotNet workspace for the further development of the XPathReader and invited devs to join. I think XPathReader has a big future. Applied already.

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