My XInclude article is online at MSDN XML Dev Center

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I did it again. My second article has been published at MSDN. It's about XInclude itself and XInclude.NET project. It's named "Combining XML Documents with XInclude".

It gives quite comprehensive introduction to the XInclude and XPointer processing model, syntax and semantics. Also practical questions of combining XML documents using XInclude.NET library are discussed. XInclude.NET v1.2 release accompanies the article.

While the article is based on November's XInclude Last Call Working Draft, none is obsoleted, happily I managed to avoid discussing of all small XInclude features, which were likely to be changed. It's my understanding that no significant changes to XInclude are expected anymore, it has crystallized already and is going to be published as Recommendation this year. So go read this article if you want to get ready for another XML Core technology.

Needless to say - any comments would be greatly appreciated!

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Oh, I forgot to disconnect project from Gotdotnet workspaces source control before releasing it. :(
My fault. I'll update release available from XInclude.NET workspace.

Opening the csproj prompts for Visual SourceSafe repository and produces some really nasty dialogs. It would be nice if you could have packaged it with its own sln file and without the source safe links. I enjoyed the article. Thanks

Thanks, guys!

Dave, it's just Visio.

Great Article!

What tool do you use to produce the visualizations?

Congrats, man! Good, article, too.

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