New Office XML book

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I've been told privately this book is going to be totally a killer:

"Office 2003 XML: Integrating Office with the Rest of the World
by Evan Lenz, Mary McRae, and Simon St. Laurent

This book explores the relationship between XML and Office 2003, examining how the various products in the Office suite both produce and consume XML. Beginning with an overview of the XML features included in the various Office 2003 components, Office XML 2003 provides quick and clear guidance to anyone who needs to import or export information from Office documents into other systems.
Authors are real XML and Office experts. The book is not published yet (expected in June), but worth to preorder. AFAIK should be some links to my blog in this book, must to buy it only to see it :)

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I've used it to write my diploma thesis on showing the capabilities of integrating Office documents into Windows applications.
Veery nice book! Thx for the great support.

Yes, thanks Oleg. FYI, I just noticed that they put my (86-page) WordprocessingML chapter up as "beta" on

Thanks for the plug, Oleg!

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