Undeservedly forgotten: IE Tools for Validating XML and Viewing XSLT Output

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This tool is undeservedly forgotten, but frequently asked and usually hard to find (somehow it's constantly moving around MSDN breaking the links). I'm talking about "Internet Explorer Tools for Validating XML and Viewing XSLT Output". IE out of box doesn't allow you to validate XML, the only way is to write some script. Also when you open an XML document with attached XSLT stylesheet in IE you cannot view the result of an XSL Transformation, instead View Source shows source XML. These regrettable omissions make it hard to work with schemas and XSLT with bare IE.

Enter "IE Tools for Validating XML and Viewing XSLT Output" - Microsoft add-in for IE, which adds two commands into the browser's context menu - "Validate XML" and "View XSL Output". Very useful, a must to have for any XML developer. And implementation is soooo simple, just few lines of javascript. I wonder - can Microsoft make it into the core Internet Explorer code so it's available in each IE without additional add-in installation?

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