MSN chases Google, now with MSN toolbar

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May be I missed the train, but look what I discovered in the recent "Microsoft This Week" newsletter: MSN toolbar. It looks exactly like Google toolbar, moreover what's funny, and pages are just the twins!

After all that's good move. I hope the competition is going to be fruitful for us, ordinar users. Let's compare. Both can block pop-up ads, search the net (obviously), keyword highlight. MSN toolbar can launch MSN Hotmail, MSN Messenger and My MSN directly, Google toolbar can't. Google toolbar can fill in forms with one click, MSN toolbar can't. Well, personally, as 1) I'm not using MSN Hotmail and My MSN, 2) my MSN messenger starts at Windows startup; 3) I like/use Google's autofill feature a lot - I still stay with Google toolbar.

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