First year in Blogland

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Arrrgh, I missed that day - 20 March my blog crossed 1 year timeline. Here is what I wrote a year ago:

Well, blogging is really infectious disease and finally I got the infection. I have installed Movabletype engine on my site quite easily (c'mon, it's cgi based) and here is my first record.

Lets see how it works. Administering is not bad and default template looks really nice, but I'm sure I'll modify all the style once I get some free time.

I named my blog "Signs on the Sand" (it took me the whole evening and the night to formulate my feelings), because I believe that's what all these words worth and that's their final destiny. Hmmm, whatever, I like it.

So happy blogging to me.

Ok, my productiveness was 190 blog items a year. Too bad. Must write more. Anyway, I'm glad I stepped in and today I just can't imagine myself without blogging and reading blogs. Every my morning starts with Mozilla Mail and RSS Bandit. So happy blogging to all of us!

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Keep up the good work, Oleg.

Don't worry too much over quantity -- the quality is what ultimately matters!

Congrats... Keep up the great work!

Happy belated birthday, Sings on the Sand! Hope the next year will bring as much insightful and just plain cool info as last year. Well, with today's rate of content inflation -- it'd better bring more! :)

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