"Influences on the design of XQuery" article

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Great article "XQuery from the Experts: Influences on the design of XQuery" by Don Chamberlin. It's an excerpt from a chapter of "XQuery from the Experts: A Guide to the W3C XML Query Language" book. Good reading. Why relational data model doesn't fit XML, why SQL can't be used to query XML data model, basic principles that underlie the design of the XQuery language etc.

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System.Xml.XPath won't help you, Jiho. It's XPath 1.0, while XQuery is a superset of XPath 2.0.
That's a huge project.

Wow... The article is quite brief but it covers so many things. Thanks for the link, I found some useful information even though I already know quite a lot.
Jane http://astra-design.com/

Not that I would, or could, what would it take for one to implement a XQuery parser from scratch? I guess reusing existing libraries when possible such as System.Xml.Xpath...

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