RenderX ports XEP XSL-FO formatter to .NET

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RenderX, a company behind famous XEP XSL-FO formatter plans to release a .NET version. Great news! XEP is the best production quality Java XSL-FO formatter I've ever seen. It's not unexpensive, but it covers XSL-FO a way better than free Apache FOP (I have to add "unfortunately", being one of FOP committers).

XEP.NET is an XSL-FO formatter component for .NET, capable of producing PDF and PostScript from XSL-FO data. The product is based on a proven Java core, and is fully identical in functionality to the latest Java version. The software is 100% manageable .NET code: no native libraries are used. It exposes standard .NET interfaces for XML processing (XmlReader and XmlWriter). Additionally, classes for smooth MSXML integration are included, with source code.

The package also includes a command-line utility and a simple GUI tool to run XSL-FO formatting.

Windows 2000/XP;
.NET Framework 1.1 or higher;
Visual J# Redistributable 1.1 or higher.
Seeing J# in prerequisites I can assume they have ported Java code into J# actually. Why not?

Meanwhile RenderX is looking for beta testers.

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