The Man's patenting XML?

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Looks like Microsoft's patenting its XML investments. Recently we had a hubbub about Office 2003 schemas patenting, then XML scripting. Daniel like many others feel alarm, you too?

Well, I'm not. Patenting software ideas is stupid thing, but that's a matter of unperfect reality we live in. Everything is patented nowadays, right up to the wheel. So if Office XML is gonna be patented I prefer it's being patented by Microsoft. After all they are not interested to close it (aka make it die), instead they made Office schemas Royalty-Free. And one more reason - I'm sure all we don't want to find ourself one day rewriting all Office-based solutions just because of another Eolas scrooge case or even to pay for out-of-blue-license to some other litigious bastards.

That's all sounds reasonable if that's really defensive patenting though, otherwise - be prepared.

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