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Like Tim Bray has no idea what to do with RDF.net domain he owned, I recalled today I own XPath.info and XSL.info domain names for almost two years now (since .info TLD was introduced back in 2001) and the same way never done a thing with them. Why then did I register them? I don't know, there was a fever before .info were allowed and also there was sort of a lottery for the right to register .info domains, and I just filled a couple of preregistration forms and it turned out I won these two domains.

So, does anybody have any ideas what projects can be done at these domains? It would be nice to build sort of information repository at XSL.info for instance. Any volunteers, especially Web designers?

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well, xpath.info is really good name, mate. especially for us, people, driven by xml now. it's will be nice to discuss more details...

I have the same issues with aspectoriented.com/.net and aspect-oriented.com/.net

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