Martin Gudgin's XInclude impl

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Finally. Gudge has posted his C# implementation of XInclude CR. It's XmlReader-based, with XPointer support, fairly elegant, simple and very interesting. Especially to compare with GotDotNet XInlcude.NET impl.

After a quick look I can say of course it's much more elegant than my implementation. More structured and well-designed, while probably less caring about details. Unfortunately to me it seems like Gudge has omitted xml:base attribute generation problem, I was hoping he'll solve in a usual magic way. That's the only problem left in XInlcude.NET project before we can ship first alpha version.

What's the problem? When an element is included from another document with different base URI, the xml:base attribute should be added/substituted to this element to preserve its (and its descendants) base URI. Sounds simple. When top-level included element item is read through XIcludingReader, xml:base attribute should be exposed if it doesn't exist else its value should be modified. It requires probably some state fiddling in MoveToNextAttribute() and other attributes-related methods. My first idea is to check when MoveToNextAttribute() returns false and then switch the reader to some new EXPOSING_XML_BASE state to emulate xml:base attribute. Anyway I'll try to implement it tomorrow.

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