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IronXSLT v0.2 released

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Better later than never. I uploaded IronXSLT 0.2 release.

New in this version:

  • IronXSLT should now run without Visual Studio 2008 SDK
  • A notion of a Startup stylesheet in XSLT Library project
  • "Debug" page in XSLT Library project properties, which has Startup stylesheet dropdown list
  • "Set as StartUp Stylesheet" context menu item for XSLT stylesheets
  • "Start Debugging(F5)/Start Without Debugging(Ctrl+F5)" commands support - runs startup stylesheet

My goal was to make F5/Ctrl+F5 working intuitively right - when you work on XSLT Library project F5 should run project with debugger and Ctrl+F5 - without. When you have more that one stylesheet it's nice time saving feature, not to mention that start debugging command finally starts debugger as it should.

But what to run? So I introduced a notion of a startup XSLT stylesheet in a project. It's kinda like startup object in C# projects, but currently only affects debugging within Visual Studio. You mark your startup stylesheet either via project properties (Debug tab):

 or via new context menu item I added to XSLT stylesheets:

Once you have startup stylesheet in XSLT Library project you can start it as you usually start project with or without debugging:

I also spent unbelievable amount of time trying to make startup stylesheet bolded in Solution Explorer. It still doesn't work on project load...

Anyway, get IronXSLT 0.2 at http://www.xmllab.net/downloads. It's free. Give it a try with Visual Studio 2008 Beta2. Find more documentation at http://xmllab.net/ironxslt.

One more free Ruby on Rails book

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This book looks like one of the best Ruby on Rails book I've seen so far. It's probably more an introductionary one, but seems pretty solid. Hey Amazon marks it as [ILLUSTRATED] book :)

Anyway if Sitepoint lets you download it for free, why not. And if you prefer dead-tree copy, get $10 discount. The giveaway expires in 54 days.

Btw, don't you think Patrick Lenz should change his photo on this page? Come on Patrick, Ruby is all about fun.

[Via .Avery Blog]