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One more IronRuby blogger

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Jim Deville of Microsoft IronRuby team has started blogging. If you are interested in IronRuby, definitely subscribe.

"Try IronRuby" updated

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I've updated Interactive IronRuby Web Shell aka Try IronRuby to IronRuby r113 engine. This is so manual, I need to implement automatic update.

I also added a bit controversial recording feature. I now record everything users type there for security and research purposes.  Security - because "Try IronRuby" is hosted on a shared ASP.NET hosting and if somebody crashes it I need to know how it was done to prevent it in the future.

Recording results are live and open at http://ironruby.info/ir/CodeViewer.aspx.

Funny thing - when I started recording I added a disclaimer below the console:

Your Ruby code might be recorded for research purposes. No personal data (such as IP address) is ever collected. View what others typed here.

Immediately a concerned user with name "Life Liberty Property" posted this comment:

While the Try IronRuby piece was cool/fast, the fine print underneath concerns me.

It shows signs that Microsoft doesn't get it, their shills don't get it, M$ and cronies refuse to change, they think they own everything, and they are no more open than before:
"Your Ruby code might be recorded for research purposes"

Do I have to study in detail the MSPL, too, to make sure they don't own everything I write?

Man, my trust surely wasn't earned today.

You mean that somebody is already trying to take code that isn't theirs? Get a life.

What's interesting is that http://tryruby.hobix.com/ doesn't pull this stunt. Of course, _why doesn't need my code.

I'd better respond.

First - sorry for unclear wording. Microsoft obviously doesn't own your Ruby code and IronRuby obviously doesn't record your Ruby Code.

Here is a revised disclaimer you can see below the console:

Everything you type here might be recorded for open research purposes. No personal data (such as IP address) is ever collected. View what others typed here.

I hope it's clearer.

And second - http://tryruby.hobix.com/ does pull this stunt too. And _why does need your code too. Because it's fun!

Obviously Microsoft forgot about XInclude when they were shipping Visual Studio, so when you edit your XML and use XInclude you get no intellisense. It's easy to fix though. Just get this XInclude schema (standard XInclude schema improved a bit by Laurens Holst) and drop it into

{Visual Studio install drive}:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Xml\Schemas

Now it's better: