July 3, 2007

Mvp.Xml Library version 2.3 released

I released version 2.3 of the Mvp.Xml Library, which is part of the Mvp.Xml Project developed by Microsoft MVPs in XML technologies worldwide. It is aimed at supplementing .NET framework XML processing functionality. Mvp.Xml Library provides .NET implementations of the EXSLT, XML Base, XInclude, XPointer as well as a unique set of utility classes and tools making XML programming in .NET platform easier, more productive and effective.

This is another minor release of the Mvp.Xml Library for .NET 2.0.
Version 2.3 fixes lots of bugs and introduces some new features.
Most important new features include:

  • XHTML output mode for the MvpXslTransform class
  • XSLT2-like output character mapping for the MvpXslTransform class
  • XmlWrappingReader and XmlWrappingWriter to simplify creating of custom XmlReader or XmlWriter
  • XIncludingReader now implements IXmlLineInfo interface
  • MvpXslTransform.AddExsltExtensionObjects() method allows to add EXSLT extension functions to your XsltArgumentList instance
  • XIncludingReader.Encoding property
  • New Mvp.Xml Library API documentation site generated using Sandcastle/DocProject, hosted at http://www.xmllab.net/mvpxml

Most important bugs fixed:
  • XIncludingReader now works well with Saxon.NET, XmlSerializer, DataSet and others
  • Library DLL is now debuggable
  • No more XmlValidatingReader and XmlTextReader used

Find detailed list of new features and bug fixes and download it at the Mvp.Xml v2.3 release page.

Mvp.Xml Library is free open-source (BSD-style).

I'll post about new features more thoroughly this week. Enjoy.