April 11, 2007

Amazon Context Links

Amazon has launched Context Links Beta program. The idea is that you insert a little Amazon script into your pages and when the page is open in a browser the script identifies words and phrases it thinks are relevant and makes them links to whatever Amazon products.

I enabled the script on my blog's frontpage (pinky double underlined links) to see how relevant it is and here are the results:

  1. "WHATWG" - Designing with Web Standards (2nd Edition) by Jeffrey Zeldman
  2. "Google Apps" - "Google Maps Hacks" by Rich Gibson
  3. "Google Reader" - Google for Dummies by Brad Hill
  4. "Fuck Windows" - "Death is a Window by E.C. Blount
  5. "The Pragmatic Programmer's" - Der Pragmatische Programmierer. by Andrew Hunt

Well, sure there are lots of opportunities for improving relevance, but still not bad at all for beta