December 10, 2006

nxslt v2.1 released - now including NAnt/MSBuild task

I just uploaded nxslt v2.1 release. In addition to the nxslt.exe command line tool it now also includes nxslt task implementation for NAnt and MSBuild.


Why another XSLT task? Because existing ones suck. NAnt includes standard "style" task, but it uses obsolete slow and buggy XslTransform engine to perform transformations. MSBuild doesn't include XSLT task at all, while the Xslt task from the MSBuild Community Tasks Project is broken. Not no mention these tasks are barebone ones. If you need a better XSLT task for NAnt or MSBuild - nxslt task is for you.

Here is some highlights on this new nxslt task.

nxslt task is a free feature-rich task for NAnt and MSBuild that allows to perform XSL Transformations (XSLT) using .NET Framework 2.0 XSLT 1.0 implementation - XslCompiledTransform class. nxslt task supports plenty of advanced features:

  • XML Base, XInclude, XPointer
  • Embedded stylesheets
  • <?xml-stylesheet?> processing instruction
  • Multiple output documents via exsl:document extension element
  • Custom URI resolving
  • Custom extension functions
  • 70+ EXSLT and EXSLT.NET extension functions
  • Credentials to access XML documents and XSLT stylesheets
  • Pretty printing
  • Batch processing

nxslt and nxslt task are free tools under BSD license. Download here.

Btw, besides transforming XML documents nxslt task can also be used for pretty printing or resolving XIncludes. I'll post on this later.