August 15, 2006

Visual Studio 2005 XSLT Run Plugin Coming Soon

I'm finishing another plugin for Visual Studio 2005, which will allow to one-click run XSLT transformations using different XSLT processors.  Visual Studio 2005 can only perform XSLT transformations using XslCompiledTransform and that's not enough for XSLT geeks. To make Visual Studio 2005 a real XSLT IDE it must be able to run different XSLT engines, including XSLT 2.0 engines. The idea of such plugin comes from Dimitre Novatchev.

 I really hope to release first beta next week.


Testing Windows Live Writer Beta

This is pretty cool blog post editor. I'm gonna test it and if it's ok I switch to Windows Live Writer cause wbloggar seems to be dead. Works fine with my MovableType powered blog also and has all features I need.

Allows plugins to be added, cool huh? I want a plugin for autolinking certain words, wouldn't it be cool? I wonder if the SDK allows such plugins. What other plugins would be useful?