June 8, 2005

Microsoft XML Team strikes back on XML performance comparison in .NET and Java

Microsoft XML Team has posted a response "Comparing XML Performance" to the Sun XML Mark 1.0 benchmark and accompanying whitepaper from Sun XML Performance Team asserted that Java significantly outperforms .NET in XML processing performance. ...

First of all as it turned out Sun's benchmark wasn't quite correct. In one place Java version didn't serialize data to disk and another issue was that XmlElement.GetElemensByTagName() in .NET can't be compared with Java's version because .NET version maintains live list of selected nodes and Java doesn't. Fixing these issues in the XML Mark Benchmark Kit, Microsoft has tested Java 5, .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0 Beta2.

The results show that in XML processing Java 5 is relatively faster than .NET 1.1 while .NET 2.0 Beta2 is almost twice faster than Java 5!

That shows a hard work Microsoft XML Team has done on improving XML processing performance in .NET 2.0. That's "major" imrpvements, no doubts. Well done, the XML Team!

And of course anybody can download the XML Mark 1.1 benchmark kit and run it himself. I'm looking forward to see Sun XML Performance Team answer. That's a war I like.