April 03, 2005

XML Indexing article, part 1 went live

Part 1 of my "Indexing XML" article went live at the MSDN XML Dev Center. In this article I discuss various aspects of indexing standalone XML documents - XML IDs, XSLT Keys and introduce IndexingXPathNavigator class, part of the Mvp.Xml library, which enables lazy or eager indexing of any IXPathNavigable XML store (XmlDocument, XPathDocument or XmlDataDocument) thus providing alternative fast way to select nodes directly from the index table and not searhing the XML tree. This allows drastically decrease selection time and improve scalability on preindexed selections.

Here is benchmark results on searching 1000 random orders from differently sized XML documents using XmlDocument, XPathDocument and IndexingXPathNavigator:

'nuf said.

Any comments are welcome! In the next part of the article I'm focusing on XML indexing aspects of the SQL Server 2005.

April 3, 2005 11:53 AM | #XML in .NET
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